Sunday, March 10, 2013

24 Hours, 18 Pokes

For today's activity, you are going to need a rubber band to wear around your wrist because for the next 24 hours, you have type 1 diabetes. The rubber band is going to simulate your finger pokes and your insulin injections. Each time you have to check your blood sugar or give yourself a shot, you will need to snap yourself with the rubber band.

8:00am: blood sugar check (pop) - 105 ... perfect
             Breakfast - 57 carbohydrates ... you'll need insulin (pop)

10:00am: you're feeling shaky; check your blood sugar (pop) ... your blood sugar is 65; too low!!
                Hungry or not, you need to ingest 15 carbohydrates.

10:30am: recheck blood sugar (pop) - 100 ... perfect!!

12:00pm: blood sugar check (pop) - 190; too high, you rebounded after you low earlier ... you'll need extra insulin with your lunch
                Lunch - 73 carbs ... you'll need insulin (pop)

2:00pm: you feel off; check your blood sugar (pop) ... it's 204, still too high!! More insulin (pop)

3:00pm: recheck blood sugar (pop) - 160 ... it's coming down

5:30pm: blood sugar check (pop) - 98 ... perfect
               Dinner - a lean 30 carbs, but you'll still need insulin (pop)

6:00pm: you decided to eat dessert ... 40 carbs, so you'll need more insulin (pop)

8:15pm: you feel shaky; check your blood sugar (pop) - 103 ... perfect

9:00pm: you still feel shaky; check your blood sugar (pop) - 71 ... too low!!
               Hungry or not, you will need to eat 15 carbohydrates

9:30pm: recheck blood sugar (pop) - 110 ... perfect!!

11:00pm: bedtime blood sugar check (pop) - 83 ... it's borderline, so you'll need to get up at 2am just to make sure you're okay

2:00am: blood sugar check (pop) - 65 ... too low!!
               Get out of bed, go to the kitchen, and ingest 15 carbohydrates.

2:30am (still awake): recheck blood sugar (pop) - 90 ... perfect!!

8:00am: breakfast ... time to start it all again!!

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