Friday, April 12, 2013

Thanks, Hugs, and All Things Sappy

Ladies and gentlemen ... we have done it. We have filled each and every spot for the craft show. Would it be too sappy to tell you that my heart is full? That I am so thankful and appreciative of all our vendors? That I could hug each one of you? Because that is all true.

So thank you, vendors, for your time, your talents, and your donation to fund research for a cure for diabetes.

And thank to all of you who are planning to come; who are telling friends, family, and neighbors; who will make a donation at the door no matter what that amount may be. You also get hugs from my full-hearted self.

One day type 1 diabetics won't need insulin or shots or alert dogs or glucometers or pumps or CGMs because they won't be type 1 diabetics anymore. And on that day, you can tell people that you helped make that possible. That you were a part of something bigger than big. That you are someone's hero.

Can you imagine? A world without diabetics but full of heroes.


Most adorable. Diabetics. Ever.

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