Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

While at the hospital, we were taught how to keep a log to track all the data from blood sugar checks, carb intake, insulin given, and the time all this happens. You can read more about how we use these logs here.

Grayson was diagnosed October 12, 2010, and I have EVERY log for EVERY month/week since that date. They are all in a binder that sits on the kitchen counter. Each week (when he was on shots, a log lasted a month, but since starting the pump, they are weekly) I add a new log on top each week and start fresh. When we go to the endocronologist every threes months, I take the whole thing.

As I flip through the pages, I can remember the changes we have gone through three and a half years ago. We now understand how to better care for Grayson on a daily basis. By no means do we understand this crazy disease, but I am pretty kinda mostly confident that my husband and I are doing the best we can.

Am I a hoarder? Probably. But, I just can't seem to be able to let go of these pieces of paper. Eventually, I will move the older logs to a file and put them away or something. Eventually. Right now, I am comforted by their presence together.

Diabetes may be a large part of our lives now, but we can still live a full life and be happy.

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